Ciao! I’m so glad you are here =)
 Something about me:
I love being a sister, a daughter and a girlfriend…  I adore ice cream, pizza, pasta, small dogs, books and beautiful tiny things. I like costumes, buildings, chocolate and hotel breakfast.
I attend Construction University at the University of Padua. I bite my nails and my boyfriend often reproaches me. If I were a character I would be Alice in Wonderland: I’m curious and I love drawing inspiration from the things around me. I like sleeping, getting excited, dressing up, walking, shopping. I live a vintage life and I dance boogie woogie.
I dislike airplains (nevertheless I love travelling), ugly dresses, science-fiction films, invasive people, meat, waking up, low-cut dresses… (this list should be too long to be written here!)
My blog:
I started this adventure because I’d like to share cute things with people who love them as I do. I think that anyone has something to say and friends encouraged me to open this blog. Therefore I hope I could give you some advices, inspire you or simply entertain you.

4 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo blog! Raffinato e piacevole da leggere...very well done Sabrina! <3

  2. presentazione molto originale e femminile:-)

  3. Ciao Sabrina, abbiamo appena scoperto il tuo blog e stiamo girovagando per leggere qualche tuo articolo!
    Complimenti per il tuo lavoro, ti seguiremo con piacere! :)

    Lucrezia e Stefano

    1. Ciao! Grazie di essere passati e del complimento:)